We are open for business between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

We do not own a “brick-and-mortar” store. We do not have a showroom and there is no facility for dropping off or picking up repairs or purchases. There are only two of us, which means we’re extremely busy during the day handling all the various tasks associated with our business — and our family and other personal commitments eat up our time outside the work day. We appreciate your understanding.

For safety reasons, insurance purposes and because we work out of our home - we do not publish our mailing address on the website.  

Contacting us by Email

The best and most reliable way to contact us is by electronic mail. By using email, you can retain copies of your communication with us, so that you and we will be “on the same page” about what has transpired, is in process, or is expected. Email also allows you to choose a time that is convenient for you to correspond with us. We always try to respond in a timely manner, but please note that travel or holidays can cause delays in our ability to respond.  We do not publish an email address to reduce spam and lessen the chance that we might miss your important messages, therefore you can contact us using the form below.

Contacting us by Telephone

As indicated above, we prefer email for convenience, reliability, and archival purposes; it is really important that we have your requests or requirements in writing so that we can be sure we understand correctly what you are asking about. Much of the time we are grinding nibs and working on pens and are simply unable to answer.  

Please enter your email carefully. We have had a recent rash of typos in email addresses preventing us for responding to your inquiry.

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