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This page revised April 18, 2017

The Manhattan Pen Makers Project was revived and is being improved and extended by Richard Binder. Finding the information useful and educational, we have decided to extend the concept to include as many U.S. manufacturers as we can identify. While Manhattan may have been the birthplace of the American pen industry, the production and innovations were not limited to that locale. 

This database is an ongoing project which requires an extensive amount of time and research. We do not consider it to be complete.

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The Date column reflects the earliest date we can find a citation for the manufacturer at that location.

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Company Address Date
De Fon pen Company 140 West Colorado Street, Pasadena, California 1932


Company Address Date
Nickeloid Pen Co. New Haven, Conn 1905


Company Address Date
American Pen Works 32-38 Clark Street, Chicago, Ill. 1905
Chicago Safety Pen Co 538 South Clark Street, Chicago, Ill. c. 1920
Coit Readyfill Pen Co. 58 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Ill. 1915
     Coit Ready Fill Pen Co. 64 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Ill. 1921
Crown Pen Co. 78 State Street, Chicago, Ill. 1896
De Luxe Mfg. Co. 433 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill. (Manhattan Bldg) 1921
Grieshaber Pen Company 84-90 State Street, Chicago, Ill. 1909
Francis Hyland Pen Co. 145 La Salle Street, Chicago, Ill. 1902
Shafer Co., F.L., 263-269 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill. 1904
Wahl Company, The 1800 Roscoe Street, Chicago, Ill. 1918


Company Address Date
Allison, James A., 5 Steward Place, Indianapolis, Ind. 1921
Laughlin Pen Company New Haven, Indiana 1896


Company Address Date
Evans Dollar Pen Co. 706½ Sycamore, Waterloo, Iowa 1918
Houston Pen Co. 496 South Chambers Street, Sioux City, Iowa 1912
     Houston Pen Co. 1819-1823 Washington Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa 1913
     Houston Pen Co. 1819-1823 Washington Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa 1919
Jiffy Pen Company 406 Pierce Street, Sioux City Iowa 1916
Sheaffer Pen Company, W.A. 633½ 2nd. Street, Ft. Madison, Iowa 1914


Company Address Date
American Fountain Pen Co. 168 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass.1902 1902
Boston Fountain Pen Co. 363 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 1893
     Boston Fountain Pen Co. 319 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 1912
Child, B.W. & H.S. 64 Federal Street, Boston, Mass. 1884
Crocker Pen Co. 113 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass. 1902
     Crocker Pen Co. 163-167 Oliver Street, Boston, Mass. 1916
Cross Pen Co., The 119 Devonshire Street, Noston, Mass. 1882
     Cross Pen Co., The 7 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. 1885
Graff, George B., Co. 294 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 1911
Greenough, Hopkins & Cushing 168-170 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass. 1891
LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Co. 49 Arch Street, Springfield, Mass. 1922
Moore Pen Co. 110-112 Federal Street, Boston Mass. 1921
     Moore Pen Co. 110 Federal Street, Boston Mass. 1922
Pollock Pen Co. Boston, Mass. 1922
     Pollock Pen Co. 38 Fairfield Street, Boston, Mass. 1924
Sterling Fountain Pen Co. 19 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. 1905
Stopford Fountain Pen Co. 113 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass. 1890
Vaughn-Upton Co. 249-251 Causeway Street, Boston, Mass. 1912
Ward Mfg. Co., Samuel 299 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Mass. 1921


Company Address Date
Grieshaber, Benjamin, 189 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 1879
Ihling Bros. & Everard Kalamazoo, Mich. 1905
Laughlin Manufacturing Co. West Iron Street (Laughlin Block) 1900
Laughlin Manufacturing Co. 512 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. 1902
Laughlin Manufacturing Co. 576 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. 1902
Laughlin Manufacturing Co. 856 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. 1905
Laughlin Manufacturing Co. 682 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. 1909
Laughlin Manufacturing Co. 137 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Mich. (Majestic Building) 1920


Company Address Date
Kraker Pen Co 2615 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Mo. 1917
Trojan Pen 120 South 10th Street, Hannibal, MO 1904

New Hampshire

Company Address Date
Mason & Co., W.L., Keene, New Hampshire 1896

New Jersey

Company Address Date
Esterbrook Pen Company, The 10 Cooper Street, Camden, N.J. 1880
Farrell & Hosinger Co. 63-65 Irving Street, Jersey City, N.J. 1918
Hunt Pen Company Camden, N.J. 1921
Wollthan Mfg. Co. Newark, N.J. 1905


Company Address Date
Aaron D C Pen Co., The 547 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 1909
Akron Fountain Pen Co. 9 East South Street, Akron, Ohio 1905
Auto Filler Pen Co. Zenobia Bldg., Toledo, Ohio 1921
Betzler & Wilson Fountain Pen Co. Akron, Ohio 1921
Bolles Pen Company, The Wm. 609-611 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 1907
Conklin Pen Co. 518 Jefferson Street, Toledo, Ohio 1907
Holland Gold Pen Co., John 19-21 W. 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 1891
     Holland Gold Pen Co., John 127-129 S. 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 1921
Holland Gold Pen Co., John 19-21 W. 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 1891
Schaaf Pen Co., The 909 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 1905
Standard Pen Co. 614 Spitzer, Toledo, Ohio 1904
Weidlich & Simpson, Co Cincinnati, Ohio 1921


Company Address Date
Burnette Fountain Pen Co. Greenville, Pa. 1904
Franklin Fountain Pen Co. 51 N 10th. Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 1896
Kregrize Pen Co. Philadelphia, Pa. 1904
James W. Queen & Co. 924 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. 1890
Premier Pen Co. 1213-1215 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 1896
Turner & Harrison Pen Mf. Co., Inc., The 1211-1215 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 1922
Wirt Fountain Pen, Paul E., Bloomsburg, Pa. 1897

Rhode Island

Company Address Date
Cross, A.T. 53 Warren Street, Providence, R.I. 1882


Company Address Date
Edison Fountain Pen Co. Petersburg, Va. 1921

Washington D.C.

Company Address Date
Arlington Pen Company Washington D.C. 1905


Company Address Date
Century Pen Company Whitewater, Wisc. 1921
Parker Pen Co. 1440 Mill Street, Janesville, Wisc. 1904
Williamson Pen Co. Janesville, Wisc. 1907

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