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Fountain Pen Nib Smoothing Workshop Kit

Fountain Pen Nib Smoothing Workshop Kit

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Here is the nib smoothing workshop kit that is used during Richard Binder's workshop at pen shows. Included in this kit are two Mylar sheets, approx. 612" x 412" (~165 mm x ~114 mm) with aluminum oxide grit of 1.0 micron and 0.3 micron, two brass squares approx. 1" (~25 mm square) that are 0.002" thick, two 2000-grit aluminum oxide sanding sheets approx. 1" (~25 mm square), two fountain pens to practice your skills on, and one tri-grade buff stick. This kit is for those with a good basic knowledge of how to smooth a fountain pen nib, and you need to be aware that there is an inherent risk of doing damage if you don't know what you're doing. This is why this kit comes with two pens to learn on. Better yet, these pens are rather well made, come with a converter, and can be used as an eyedropper filler. One of the two will be purposely put out of alignment for you to learn on (colors will vary). Use this kit in conjunction with the article on "Nib Smoothing for Beginners". In that article you will find the same worksheet provided at Richard's workshop.

We cannot be responsible for any damage you do working on nibs; use these tools at your own risk!

Working on pens carries with it the risk of damaging your pen. While our tools are designed to assist you in restoring your pens, they also increase the risk of damaging your pens. When in doubt of your repair abilities, you should consider seeking professional help.

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