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Girologio 48 Pen Black Leather Portfolio

Girologio 48 Pen Black Leather Portfolio

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We have been so pleased with the quality of girologio that we wanted to share more of their products with you.  The leather on these cases are very soft and supple and are designed extremely well for protecting your pens and functionality while still exuding class.  You and your pens deserve the best, they deserve girologio!

A luxurious storage and travel solution created from the hightest quality hides, processed with the finest tanning methods to produce the softest, buttery leather which is lined with a non-reactive velour that will not stain or discolor your collection.

Hand sewn with extra wide pen loops and gussets to accommodate ever the largest writing instruments.

Zipper closure allows for secure storage while the full coverage divider will protect all pens 
from cross contact and make for quick and easy lay-flat access and display.

Approximately 113/4" wide x 133/4" tall and 1-1/4" thick

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