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Morrison Patriot Repair Kit

Morrison Patriot Repair Kit

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Consists of replacement syringe body with rear stop, short styrene tube for installing three supplied O-rings.

At long last there is now a replacement for the syringe filler body for the Morrison Patriot fountain pens. The originals are usually very yellowed and are easily damaged when removing from the section nipple. Using your supplied syringe shaft and knob, you can now restore these pens with less effort resulting in a much nicer looking restoration that also works very well. Please consult Richard Binder's website: How to Restore the Filler in a Morrison Patriot or his book: RichardsPens Guide To Fountain Pens Volume 2: Restoration for proper instructions. His love for these WWII era pens drove him to come up with a practical way of restoring these wonderful and significant pens.

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