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Pen Gripping Squares

Pen Gripping Squares

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Fountain Pen "Get-A-Grip" Gripping Squares are ideal for working on pens. We try to avoid using sections pliers as much as possible because of the force you are able to exert on a pen. Our pen gripping squares are the perfect tool for those fragile pens. Slightly tacky with a little cushioning you can hold a pen body in one hand and the section in another by using two of the squares. This is the first tool that we pick up when disassembling a pen. It is also ideal for removing the cap on those stubborn ink bottles. The soft cushion of our gripper squares also protects your hands from getting chewed up by rough and sharp objects.  

Sold as a package of three 6" x 5-1/2" (152.4 mm x 139.7 mm) squares.

Working on pens carries with it the risk of damaging your pen. While our tools are designed to assist you in restoring your pens, they also increase the risk of damaging your pens. When in doubt of your repair abilities, you should consider seeking professional help.


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