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Snorkel Snake

Snorkel Snake

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For clearing and cleaning blocked Sheaffer Snorkel tubes, we use this tool almost on a daily basis. If you restore Snorkels this is a must have tool. There are times that several runs through the ultrasonic cleaner in flush or Rapido-Eze just won't clear the blockage. This handy tool made with stainless steel piano wire is the perfect size to snake up between the feed and the inside Snorkel tube wall. When a clog is real bad, twisting back and forth with mild forward pressure will clear almost any blocked tube. Can also be used for clearing clogs in Sheaffer Balance tailed feeds..

Read our article on flossing and clearing clogged Sheaffer Snorkel tubes.
Read our article on clearing clogged Sheaffer Balance feeds.

Approximately 53/4" (149 mm) overall length.
Handle 21/2" long.
Wire 31/4" long.
Contains one Snorkel Snake.

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