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Twicks Kit — Tweezers and Picks

Twicks Kit — Tweezers and Picks

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The most common repair vintage pens need is replacement of their ossified sacs. It’s not at all difficult — if you have the right tools. Our “Twicks” Kit contains a pair of blunt tweezers and four dental tools that are just what you need to get going. All five pieces are made of solid stainless steel for lifelong rust-free performance.

You can use these tools for work other than sac replacement, of course. But you can’t do sac replacement without them. The hook, custom made to our specs, is essential for loosening a sac and the chisel end for scraping ossified sac off of pressure bars. The single-ended scraper will take the stuck bits off the section nipple. The double-ended spatula will deal with things stuck to the inside of the barrel, particularly sacs and sac material. The arrow tool is new and ideal for scrapping ossified diaphragms off of the filler unit cups of Vacumatic and Parker 51s. The tweezers are for holding the sac as you install it onto the section; they’re blunt so there’s no risk of poking a hole through the side of the sac!

Working on pens carries with it the risk of damaging your pen. While our tools are designed to assist you in restoring your pens, they also increase the risk of damaging your pens. When in doubt of your repair abilities, you should consider seeking professional help.

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