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Ultimate Pen Flushing Kit

Ultimate Pen Flushing Kit

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This kit contains two bulb syringes, one cut off to fit over several styles of sections. We offer two of the bulb syringes because the are several brands and styles of pens that you would find difficulty in flushing without the cut off version. Namiki, Pilot and Parker 61 capillary fillers are just a few that come to mind. Two 3ml syringes with tips, that also can be used to fill ink cartridges. An 8-oz bottle of our Ideal Pen Flush, in a clear bottle so you can tell when it is time to replace it. With this kit you can force flush through nib units, breather tubes as well as most other fountain pen parts. You have a lot of money and time invested in your pens, so treat them right with quality products. These are some of the same tools that we use when servicing fountain pens sent to us for repair.

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